Why Aalto?

Finland needs new ideas, cutting-edge research, entrepreneurship and new types of leadership. We need the courage to take a leap into the unknown and to try new things. Aalto University wants to be part of this. A donation to Aalto University supports research and work on behalf of a stronger Finland.

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We build on our strengths

Innovations, new companies, jobs and general well-being

Donations may be earmarked for one of Aalto’s three fields of education – business studies, arts, or technology.

It is also possible to donate to one of our spearhead areas ICT and digitalization, Advanced energy solutions, Art and creative practices, Materials and the sustainable use of natural resources,  Business activities in a changing global environment, Human living environments, Health and Wellbeing or Game changers.

For donations of over 10,000 euros, please contact our fundraising team.


Designated donations

To the university in general
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Every donation helps us build a stronger, more successful and more competitive Finland.

It is not the size of donation that matters the most to us as the most important thing is that each donation represents a person or organisation that has wanted to commit to building Aalto. Every donation counts!
To donate to Aalto University, click here, or if donating 10,000 euros or more, contact our fundraising team for a deed of donation.

To the field of business and economics:
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Aalto University’s national and international mission is to respond to the needs of constantly changing business life.

Renewing business requires new researched information and competence, both of which are produced at our university. Other important research themes include strategic management, changes in consumer behaviour caused by digitalisation, and processing and utilising vast quantities of data in decision-making.

Further information:
The ’School of Business – Leading the Way’ video
The ’New Global’ project

Support our work for developing multidisciplinary competence.
To support the university’s activities or designate a donation for field of business studies, click here to donate, or if donating 10,000 euros or more, contact our fundraising team for a deed of donation.

To the field of arts and design:
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The world is full of information, and processing this information is one of the critical success factors for society.

Arts and design research and education at Aalto University focus on the design of individual works, products and services as well as human-centred living environments. The result is satisfied users and functional products and services.

Art inspires critical discussion that enriches and develops society. The creative economy, including the game industry, is an important growth sector. Future Media Lab researches and develops media solutions for the future.

Further information:
The ’School of Arts, Design and Architecture – Another Perspective’ video
School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Aalto Festival 2015
Aalto University, Media Factory
Media Centre LUME

Support our work for developing multidisciplinary competence.
To support the university’s activities or designate a donation for field of arts and design, click here to donate, or if donating 10,000 euros or more, contact our fundraising team for a deed of donation.

To the field of science and technology:
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Aalto University is a trailblazer for digitalisation in teaching and research in Finland. It creates more sustainable energy solutions and solves the most central challenges in Finland in the field of health and well-being.

Furthermore, broad-based materials science research offers major potential for new collaboration openings. Our strengths include nanotechnology, micromanufacturing technology, biomaterials and new functional materials.

Support our work for developing multidisciplinary competence.
To support the university’s activities or designate a donation for field of technology, click here to donate, or if donating 10,000 euros or more, contact our fundraising team for a deed of donation.

Aalto takes Finland’s digitalisation development further
The ICT field is experiencing a great breakthough that will affect all fields of industry from basic to the technology industry.

The Industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, Big Data, the possibilities of 3D printing, the digital service experience, cyber security and many other topics are important from the point of view of Finland’s success.

Further information:
The School of Electrical Engineering
The ’School of Electrical Engineering – Signal of Quality’ video
Aalto Digi Platform

Multidisciplinary energy research
Energy research is one of the most important areas of expertise at Aalto. This is strengthened by a multidisciplinary cooperation platform, the Energy Platform.

In electrical engineering, Aalto University has made a breakthrough in the development of solar panels. Research into other sustainable energy solutions is also at a world-class level (e.g. smart electricity production and distribution networks, smart grids).

Twenty-five professors and their research groups work in the energy field. Each year, Aalto produces more than 80 masters of science graduates and approximately a dozen doctorates.

Further information:
Aalto University Energy Platform
The ’School of Engineering – Science to Engineering’ video
The ’Aalto University – Towards a better world’ video
School of Engineering
School of Chemical Technology

Growth potential in the field of health and well-being
The development of health and well-being technology can solve some of Finland’s key challenges. The results of basic research give rise to innovations, applications and services for people.

Neuroscience and neurotechnology as well as numerous other areas of health and well-being produce interesting growth possibilities for new companies.

The Life Science Technologies master’s programme is a show of strength of three schools in the field of technology.

Further information:
Health Factory
aivoAALTO project
Life Science Technologies master’s programme
Video on machine learning research
Science on skin – artificial skin project
Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering

Materials research and sustainable use of natural resources
Aalto University has extensive expertise in the area of materials in the physics of condensed-matter and materials physics, nanoscience and nanotechnology, mechanics and material science and in the sustainable use and handling of natural resources.

Materials research advances nearly all fields of industry, including the technology, energy, textiles, forest and food industries.

Innovations based on materials research offer great opportunities for Finnish and international companies.

Further information:
Science and research
School of Chemical Technology student projects
The ’School of Engineering – Science to Engineering’ video

ICT and Digitalization Digitalization is a transformative force that affects today's and tomorrow's industries, economics and society, at all walks of life
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Digitalization is a key strong area at Aalto University: ICT, media, computation and modelling have been chosen as focus areas of Aalto. Our topics include, but are not limited to: computer science, networks, communications, signal processing, electronics, automation, technology-intensive industries, digital applications of engineering design and production, mechatronics, media, games, information and service economy, computational sciences.

More information: http://digi.aalto.fi/en/

Advanced Energy Solutions Energy meets information, materials and society
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Many departments in Aalto University have a long tradition of research and teaching in the field of energy. We have ca. 25 professors that are solely focused on energy research and every year over 80 Masters and a dozen Doctors graduate in the field of energy. Additionally, more than 30 professors are strongly contributing in the field. In our focus, energy meets information, materials and society.

Aalto aims to facilitate and strengthen the industry-academia collaboration and to increase the internal cooperation within the University. Several thematic meetings are organised annually and they serves as an Energy Channel of the Aalto University gathering up the energy-related research and activities.

More information: http://www.aalto.fi/en/research/platforms/

Global Business Dynamics Strategic management in the global context
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One of the goals of Aalto University is to advance the global body of knowledge in business studies and economics through influential research. Our research is high-quality and multi-disciplinary with focus on critical societal issues. Research focus areas are microeconomics, behavioral finance and financial markets, management systems and decision making, strategic management in the global context, customer behavior, and new business creation consisting of entrepreneurship, new business models, and the service economy.

More information: http://biz.aalto.fi/fi/about/

Art and Creative Practices Multidisciplinary artistic activities create meanings, definitions, new applications, creativity and innovations
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Art and creative practices are an important part of the multidisciplinary Aalto University. The university develops artistic activities across boundaries in different fields and communities. Multidisciplinary artistic activities create meanings, definitions, new applications, creativity and innovations.

Aalto University was ranked 13th in the field of Art & Design in the QS World University Ranking in spring 2017. The success of fashion design students in international competitions in the past few years has in turn created a Finnish fashion design phenomenon and, as a consequence, talent scouts from Milan and Paris are looking for the next top designer in Finland. Students of Film and Television have gained acclaim in competitions abroad and, for example, were nominated for an Oscar in 2014. Students’ works have also been widely acknowledged in international publications, fairs and exhibitions.

Tantalisingly dynamic knowledge and a whole new level of cooperative projects are given life when art and science come together with technology and business. The process intended to harmonise Aalto University’s campuses is well under way. By its nature, art can function as a uniting factor in this endeavor.

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Human Living Environments with world class research facilitates the planning, design and development of urban environments in all scales
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Aalto University`s multi-disciplinary research focuses on planning, design and testing of human centered living environments in all scales.

Aalto University’s world class research facilitates the planning, design and development of urban environments in all scales that enable better everyday living, including housing, working, mobility, digital and physical services, care and wellbeing, leisure, and social interaction.

The four competence areas in this area are human centered digitalization, human centered design competence, human centered technological breakthroughs, and inclusive environments.

More information:


Materials and Sustainability from materials research to the sustainable use and processing of natural resources
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At Aalto University materials research covers a wide range of fields: from condensed-matter and materials physics, nanoscience and nanotechnology, mechanics and materials to the sustainable use and processing of natural resources. Aalto University’s over 60 professors related to materials research thus contribute to diverse applications in ICT, energy and health technologies, business and design, and many other areas.

More information:


Health and Wellbeing ambitious developer within healt and wellbeing
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Aalto University has a strong, decades-long track record in health and wellbeing (H&W), in both research results and in facilitating commercialization. H&W being one of Aalto University’s strategic focus areas, this field is being ambitiously developed.

Aalto has identified six clusters of H&W research where it will develop the quality and quantity of its research activities further. These clusters, subareas, are biomedical engineering; neuroscience and neurotechnology; biotechnology, biomaterials, and chemistry in H&W; digital health, management in H&W; and H&W architecture and design.

In all of the subareas, we work with our Health Capital Helsinki partners, importantly the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District HUS and the University of Helsinki.

More information:


Aalto Game Changers. Change the world
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Here, at Aalto University, we believe in the power of curiosity and encourage our students to explore the unknown as well as to learn and do things in a whole new way – together, breaking boundaries.

Our three campuses are very international, and so is our network of more than 400 partner universities. This provides extensive exchange, internship and project opportunities for our 20 000 students.

Startup Sauna, for example, and the international Slush spring from Aalto community. You get to participate in interesting and practical business projects from the beginning of Aalto studies. Every year, more than 70 new enterprises are founded at Aalto University.

The constantly developing Otaniemi campus supports our vision of building an innovative society. It acts as an engine for innovation, with which companies, Aalto alumni, start-ups and technology parks surrounding the university are becoming linked more and more closely.

MIT ranked Aalto University among the 5 rising stars in the world in its comparison of 200 universities.

More information:


Campus development
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The main campus in Espoo’s Otaniemi supports Aalto University’s vision for building an innovative society. All the university’s core activities will be located in Otaniemi by 2021.

Otaniemi is a rapidly growing and developing area that unites the university’s researchers, teachers and students. The new campus is developing into a unique centre of cooperation that attracts partners from all around the world. An open and experimental campus encourages the sharing of ideas.

The campus and its immediate vicinity is the site for many of Finland’s largest companies’ headquarters, not to mention home to a great number of smaller companies. Otaniemi is the home of over two thousand students.

All of Aalto University’s schools have a presence in Otaniemi. Other Aalto University campuses are located in Töölö and Arabia, Helsinki. The University also has facilities in Mikkeli, Vaasa and Pori.

Read more about the renewal of the Otaniemi campus:



From plans to actions

Our founding universities have provided a firm base for an eclectic international community full of aspiring entrepreneurs. The last seven years have proved fruitful and yielded both multidisciplinary learning and first-class research.


Science and arts meet technology and business

The Design Factory has now spread to five continents and offers students the possibility to work on practical business problems in multidisciplinary teams. The Aalto energy efficiency programme combines research knowledge from all of our fields. Our Creative Sustainability master’s programme teaches students how to create sustainable solutions.


Students as entrepreneurs

Initiatives to support entrepreneurship such as the Aalto Ventures Program and SLUSH have brought about an unprecedented positive change in Finnish business culture. At the Start-up Sauna students can learn how to establish a new company under the direction of experienced entrepreneurs.


Students in focus

Aalto students now have even more freedom to choose their own study path and move between fields. Aalto supports the international studies of nearly a thousand students each year.


The best connect

More than a third of the new professors we recruit come from outside Finland. The work of our researchers is considered to be the best in the world in numerous fields.


Added value for society

International comparisons show that our collaboration with companies is amongst the best in the world. Cooperation with international partners, such as Tongji University and Stanford University provide new opportunities and networks.

Aalto’s five targets

Bridge-builder of success

Finland lives off export and our industry needs strong innovation partners to succeed in global competition. We create new jobs, economic growth and well being in Finland by conducting pioneering research and educating new experts. Fundraising will help us keep up with international competition in the long term. Together we can solve challenges to create a stronger Finland.


We educate experts for the future

Versatile experts graduate from our study programmes for the benefit of society. All Aalto graduates master the basics of economics and entrepreneurship. Our unique programmes attract some of the best international students.


New ways to support learning

We make the newest technology and the best pedagogics available to our students and teachers. We invite business experts, designers and entrepreneurs to join us as partners in teaching skills for business and industry.


We help enterprises and communities in renewal

Experts in business update their skills on our adult education courses. Our management training is destined to be the best in Europe.


We solve the great challenges of society

We strive to be the best in the world in our chosen areas of strength. Our researchers are developing more efficient energy solutions, unique new materials and technologies that promote advances in healthcare.


World-class innovation hub for Otaniemi

The world becomes a better place when different types of expertise converge. We are turning Otaniemi into the world’s best innovation hub where science and art meet technology and business. We will open our facilities so companies and communities can work together. We also invite international enterprises to join us.

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